Strategy and Content Creation

One billion hours are viewed on YouTube every single day! Consumers have never been exposed to as many messages as they are today. In this context, the challenge is storytelling in a way that will attract, interest, and win over your different targets. Brad Content & Performance will accompany you throughout the process, to help you determine what strategy should be adopted, to create original content that will attract consumers to your site, to convince them in their buying process, and to ensure you stand out from the competition, all while we create commitment to your brand.

Services : Storytelling that is specifically adapted to social media, photo images, videos, blogs, illustrative content, white papers, case studies, computer graphics, cinemagraphs, GIFs, etc.

Social Media Management

Social media has become mass media. The question is no longer whether to use them, but rather how to use them. Brad Content & Performance will advise you on the optimal use of each social media platform, according to the particularities both of the platforms and of the target. Planning is done using editorial calendars that integrate content and media. Our aim is to optimize all available channels, so we can offer your consumer added value throughout their relationship with your brand.

Services : Editorial calendars, distribution strategies, publications, page monitoring, community management, performance reports, social media policy writing for employees.

Digital Media Buying

Digital media buying is increasingly dependent on a community’s engagement, and requires ongoing monitoring and optimization. Our integrated structure allows us to promote original content and to adjust strategy and budget breakdowns in real time according to the results and community commitment, and to do it in a transparent way.

Services : Media buying and planning, SEM, video placements, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, digital out-of-home advertising, banners, and RTB.

Performance Analysis and Optimization

Is your website performing the way it should? Did your campaigns achieve the results you’d hoped for? With our performance tools, Brad Content & Performance will guide you so you can maximize your ROI from your websites and online communications. We measure and adjust the performance of your campaigns in real time, and we provide performance reports at specified intervals, to give you key data like engagement, organic scope, paid scope, conversion goals, etc.

Services : Performance reports, analytics, goal setting, conversion optimization, etc.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM and email)

Brad Content & Performance will assist you in managing your customer databases, advising you on how you can capture, process, and analyze customer- and prospect information, to ensure you reach and retain your targets. We will also advise you on which strategies and messages to adopt so that you create the ideal message to target the customer segment that is right for you.

Services : Database management, newsletters and e-marketing, lead generation campaigns, white papers, etc.

Influence Marketing

Social media has also created a new marketing force: influencers. Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, and others have become major channels of dissemination. These new players exert considerable influence over their fans, and speak to well-differentiated audiences. As a result, we can use them to target a group very precisely, which is very effective from a marketing point of view. The Brad Content & Performance team is familiar with online influencers and works closely with them to ensure commitment and brand awareness for you.

Services : Influencer strategy, identification and recommendation of influencers, writing of sponsored articles.

Training and Support

The digital market changes at break-neck speed. In order to make the best decisions, your team must stay in tune with the evolution of the industry. Brad Content & Performance offers customized training to support our clients in their digital transformation, or to provide training specific to the trends and innovations in our ever-changing industry. Our courses are tailor-made for you.

Services : Training and support, campus, brainstorming workshops, social networks, performance tools, etc.